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About Rex

Rex Power Magnetics, a division of Transfactor Industries, was established in 1972 as a Canadian privately held company, headquartered in Concord, Ontario Canada, within the greater Toronto area.  Starting from humble beginnings, REX quickly emerged as a competitive, technically skilled and innovative transformer manufacturer with an ever expanding product line and a growing list of customers from across Canada, the USA and overseas.

ABS ISOToday, with over 230 employees and sales over $50M in 2008, Rex is a leading manufacturer of CSA certified, UL listed and ISO9001 accredited, custom dry type transformers, with a track record of sustained profitable growth driven by technology, innovation, responsiveness and customer service.

With a central  integrated engineering, manufacturing and customer service facility located in Concord, Ontario, and warehouses throughout Canada and the United States, the company offers one of the  broadest ranges of dry type power magnetic products to both North American, and international markets.

 The Rex Product line includes custom designed and built specialty transformers, power transformers up to 15 MVA and 35000 Volts, distribution transformers, reactors, autotransformers, control and machine tool transformers from 50VA, along with custom enclosures, custom cut electrical steel cores and other power magnetic products.

Our Mission is best expressed by our pursuit of 

  • Quality Products
  • Excellence in customer Service
  • Fair, gratifying and rewarding experience for our employees.

 It is our firm belief that consistent profitable growth is only achieved through continuous improvement in pursuit of our mission. 

Our  Mission also reveals our commitment to be the Leading Designer and Manufacturer of specialty and custom transformers that meet our customer’s application-specific performance requirements.
Technology Leadership & Technical Innovation

Supported by considerable and sustained investment in research and development for new products, automated equipment and efficient processes, Rex Power Magnetics continually expands and enhances its product and service offering.

Our commitment to continued research and development is underscored by retention of the services of Mr. Shankar Narayan, a prominent Engineering consultant and widely regarded as the foremost leading expert in transformer technology and design.

We are rightfully proud of our industry leading R&D effort, our technology leadership and our track record for technical innovation. We are also proud of our engineering expertise, enhanced by continuous disciplined training, and our bias for technical competence and manufacturing know-how.

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Responsiveness and Customer Service

We also pride ourselves in our delivery responsiveness and superior customer service which separates us from our competition.


Our commitment to leading delivery responsiveness is supported by our:

1. In-house skilled engineering staff, design experience and technical competence. Your custom requirements and performance specification are converted into product designs without delay.

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2. Vertically integrated manufacturing capabilities that are unparalleled and unmatched by our North American competitors. In-house enclosure fabrication and powder coat paint, insulation wrapping of conductors, full compliment of semi automated coil winding equipment, step lap miter and distributed gap core cutting, resin impregnation, vacuum and pressure epoxy encapsulation, Cast Coil manufacturing and custom final assembly processes along with inventory of materials and parts and our skilled production staff are combined to turn your custom product designs to a quality produced transformer in minimum time.  

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3. aboutFully equipped evaluation and test capabilities to perform all standard production tests. Conduct requested specialty “Type” tests and provide test reports, arrange for requested witness testing or secure approval by various special approval bodies.

Our commitment to excellence in customer service is supported by the continuous improvement of our operating information systems to enhance the speed and accuracy of technical information supplied, the competitiveness of our quotations, acceptance and follow up of customer orders and the availability of accessible and reliable service information to our customers. However, our customer service excellence is primarily driven by our commitment to disciplined ongoing training and the collective passion for customer service of our empowered, experienced and cooperative staff.

Our new home provides us with over 142,000 square feet of much needed space; multiple shipping & receiving docks and Ample parking. The new location is in the Langstaff Road & Keele Street area of Concord view map.


 Power Transformers (Up to 15 MVA — 35 000 V)
Cast coil, VPE and VPI construction
Substation type complete with primary disconnects
Traction Power, Rectifier, Crane duty, special regulation, Service station distribution
Specialty Type and Special Voltage Transformers
K-Rated, Electrostatically shielded
Ultra isolating multiple shielded
Harmonic Mitigating
Electromagnetic Field Shielded
Epoxy Potted, Hazardous location
Marine duty types (with applicable certificates)
Mini Power Centres
High Efficiency and Ultra High Efficiency
On line Tap switching and Auto Voltage Regulating nits
 Control & Machine Tool Transformers (50 VA to 7500 VA)
Enclosed, open style, or potted
DIN rail mountable units

 General Purpose Transformers
Distribution/Isolation, CE marked transformers
Drive Isolation
Motor Starting
Input and Output reactors
Motor guarding transient filters
DC chokes
High Voltage Iron Core or Air Core Reactors
NEMA -1, -2, -3R, -4, -4x, -12
Stainless steel and special paint
Custom switchgear and specialty industrial enclosures
 Switchgear Components
Low and High voltage standoffs and insulators
Surge (lightning) Arresters
 Transformer Testing, Refurbishment, and Repair
Replacement of windings, core, insulation, etc.