Rex Power Magnetics is a Canadian dry-type transformer design and manufacturing company
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Rex Power Magnetics

Rex Power Magnetics is a Canadian dry-type transformer design and manufacturing company, headquartered in Concord, Ontario (Greater Toronto Area). Since its humble beginnings in 1972, Rex has quickly emerged as a competitive and innovative supplier of high-quality CSA certified and UL listed power magnetic products for markets in North America and overseas. With over 270 employees, we offer a broad product line including custom dry-type transformers, reactors, other magnetic devices, and related components and services. We distinguish ourselves from the competition by our focus on continual product improvement, responsiveness, and customer service.

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Featured products

Efficiency Comparator

Rex Power Magnetics' Efficiency and Payback Comparator for low voltage distribution and medium voltage power transformers can be utilized to compare the performance of various tranformers with known no load and load losses. the comparitor will graph the efficiency curve of up to three transformers, and if the cost of electricity and expected loadign are entered, it will calculate the operation cost and payback between the transformers.

 Low Voltage Distribution Transformer Comparitor   Medium Voltage Power Transformer Comparitor
Low Voltage-ce   Med Voltage ce

How to use the comparator?

Upload Zip file clicking on the image of Low Voltage (below 600V) or Medium Voltage Transformer Comparator. Unzip and put file on your desktop or other folder.
This software calculates a comparison of performance and total cost payback of transformers of different efficiency depends of Load Loss, cost elecricity and initial transformer cost. Complete the information required in the boxes, choose you kVA rate and press button "Compare Efficiency" or "Compare Cost".