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Three Phase – Standard Isolation Transformers


transientDesigned for installation in industrial and commercial buildings where a reliable power source is required for lighting and other low voltage equipment and machinery. Indoor and outdoor installation is possible depending on the enclosure.


  • Using Computer Aided Design (CAD) techniques and modern materials, Rex engineers have created a range of highly efficient transformers having long trouble-free life with reduced weight, size, and cost.
  • Ventilation openings in the enclosure are coordinated with the cooling ducts in the coils to ensure proper natural circulation of  the cooling air for long life and minimum losses.
  • General-purpose ventilated steel enclosure, suitable for indoor locations. After fabrication, they are finished in ASA 61 grey powder coating, suitable for most industrial and commercial installations.
  • CSA certified, File No. LR34493.
  • UL listed, File No. E108255.
  • Transformers up to 75 kVA capacity may be readily hung on H-columns, walls , shelves or floor mounted to suit each installation. All units have lifting lugs, conduit KOs and a removable front cover for convenient access to terminals.
  • Transformers rated 112.5–300 kVA capacity are suitable for floor or platform mounting and complete with integral lifting lugs, a removable top, as well as front and rear panels for convenient access to the terminals.
  • Class 220 insulation used throughout range
  • Transformer terminations rated below 330 Amps are supplied with suitable hardware and lugs for cable connection. Terminations above 330 Amps are supplied with terminal pads only.