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Air Core Reactors. Custom Chokes


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  • Shunt Reactors to compensate for capacitive VARS
  • Current limiting Reactors
  • Filtering Reactors
  • Neutral Grounding Reactors

Air core reactors are designed utilizing specifically developed Finite Element Analysis software.







Windings are manufactured with aluminum or copper, (strip or shaped conductors in parallel where necessary) arranged on layers or discs with special consideration given to minimize the eddy losses. The insulating materials used during production are always UL listed systems. To suit various applications and environmental conditions Rex Dry Type Air Core Reactors are manufactured using our Multiple VPI and Epoxy Impregnation system. Alternately, for harsh conditions Rex offers Reactors that are solidly cast in epoxy in special moulds under vacuum. Reactors can be supplied either as single-phase coils individually supported on insulators or alternatively as three phase coils stacked vertically.

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DSCF3011All tests are done right on our premises to CSA, UL, and IEEE C57.16 requirements.

Routine Factory Tests:

  • Windings resistance with direct current
  • Impedance and losses
  • Dielectric (HV voltage withstand) to ground and between turns

Type Tests

  • Temperature Rise
  • Thermal Capability Calculation
  • Impulse
  • Mechanical Strength

 * Information subject to change without prior notice